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Direction used :
Clean the parts to be connected, including the solder tip and solder coating all surface.
Heat parts, not solder, to join. Apply solder flux to the heating element before the heat, until the solder flux can freely flow. Don"t use too much solder flux when soldering.

Note :
For the first time insert a soldering iron, the tip of the soldering iron will emit smoke, which is normal and will disappear in 2-3 minutes.
Use welding brackets and other assistive tools to avoid finger burns and do not pull the soldering tip out.
Do not use long-life tip surfaces and do not use too much solder flux.


Hand Staple Tacker Nail :
- High performance.
- Thin wire for almost invisible result.
- Precision cutting legs for the best penetration.
- For fabric, labeling, decoration fixation, and various applications.
- 6mm / 8mm shank length.
- Can be used with Rapid R13, R19, R23, R33, R83 & R113 hand tackers.
- Nail Width of 10.8mm.
- Contents 5000 staple piece per box.
- 100% Brand New and in Good condition.
- Ship from Malaysia.

Packing :
1 box x Staple Nail

Size :
- 6mm (13/6)
- 8mm (13/8)



- Ex : GWS 060 , GWS 750-100 , GWS 8-100 , GWS 7-100 & ets


Original Robert Bosch accessories in Malaysia :
Jigsaw Blade T144D


The COOLMAN® G88 Dry Segmented Blade are ideal for cutting though surfaces like brick, granite,


Brick & Block, Brick Wall, Burnt Clay Brick, Concrete, Cured Concrete, Granite, Hard Bricks, Harden Roof Tiles, Medium Hardness of Concrete, Paver, Roof Tile, Sand Brick, Stone Block


Chrome vanadium blade with tough hardened black oxide tip for optimum performance
Corrosion resistant


It has a sturdy cast-iron housing with an I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw and self-cleaning threads. The hook and heel jaws are replaceable.


- Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver : STHT 65168-8


Original Genius STANLEY products in Malaysia.


Original Genius STANLEY products in Malaysia.


The COOLMAN® U88 Thin Turbo Rim Blade