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Thickness: 3mm 5mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm


*Important Note:
Drying Time and recoating time are strongly depending on environment ventilation, paint thickness, environment
temperature, environment humidity, number of coats applied. So drying time and recoating time provided is for guide only.

Dry Fil Thickness : 35-45 µm per coat
No. of Coats : 2 3 coats
Theoretical Coverage
Practical Coverage
(20% Loss Factor)
Volume Solid
Shelf Life

Specific Gravity

  • : 0.80 m2 per 400cc per coat (for dry film thickness of 40um)
  • : 0.64 m2 per 400cc per coat (for dry film thickness of 40um)
  • : 18 25%
  • : Up to 24 months in tight sealed container
  • : 0.92 1.15 kg/L

SUPER KING Emulsion Paint is an economical decorative finish. It is suitable for all normal interior masonry surfaces and soft wall boards.


 Rough appearance, Smooth appearance, Waterproof surface Easy for cleaning Strong in bonding Can be cut into sizes upon request.

  • -Buatan Malaysia
  • -Diperbuat dari plastik yang liat, tahan jatuh dan tahan lasak -Bekas mudah alih
  • -Reka bentuk kepala penyembur boleh tanggal dan ringgan -
  • Sesuai untuk balkoni - Sesuai untuk kegunaan dalaman dan luaran
  • -Sesuai untuk pertanian dan kebun -Made in Malaysia -
  • Made of plastic, durable and durable
  • - Mobile capabilities
  • - The design of the spray head is removable and lightweight
  • - Ideal for balconies
  • - Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • - Ideal for farms and gardens
  • #pertanian#kebun#sirambunga#penyiram

KORAKOH Antislip Kasut Boot Getah Pasar Kebun Garden Industri /Boot Pasar Kebun Garden industri kolam/ Kasut Hujan Getah


uPVC gutter are based on the special formulation to provide maximum durability, 


Acrylic House Number Plate/Nombor Plat Rumah Akrilik Home Deco floor sign Signage Hotel Number Nice Modern


Tidak boleh dimakan oleh Manusia dan haiwan


Charcoal Stove Arang Dapur Wedding Red Stove BBQ Barbecue Cookware


SS1445 NIPPON Platone High Gloss Wood & Metal Paint Cat Minyak Kayu dan Besi